Densely action packed Fast and furious 7 trailer

Yes the same cast is assembling again for an extreme race on the streets. The Fast and Furious 7 might hit the silver screens by July 2014. James Wan returns to direct this most expected franchise soon after his Insidious chapter 2 which will hit the screens in a month. Can we really expect a great turnaround from Wan with this movie? My answer would be a big yes. This is not his first franchise based movie and he have already proved it with SAW series. Its Mortiz again who will be the producer and we can really sit tight watching the action sequences which will make us not to blink to miss it. Morgan gives his fifth script in this sequel.

The fast furious 7 trailer wasn’t ┬áreleased yet. The greatest turning point would be the joining of Jason Statham with the cast of fast and furious 7. So there wouldn’t be any chances of race sequences losing its style as we have had a very good experience of car speeding in the Transporter series. I barely remember I read an article saying Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) might not be in the crew since his dates aren’t available. If this is for true then we might miss some interesting scenes, but still there’s a news which said Denzel Washington does a small role in this movie. Hopefully its full of action packed race movie which will itself win the race of the box office.

fast & furious 7 trailer

fast 7

I just wanted to share my thoughts on this franchise and keep you fellas updated on The fast and Furious 7 trailer especially which is always the first impression, though we already had several impressions of this franchise we can expect a great movie ahead in 2014 summer. And watch out this space for the trailer. Can we wait for a fast and furious 7 video game as well?